Costumes & accessories catalogue

Costumes & accessories catalogue

Sunshine Animation is furnished with a large number of costumes and accessories.

Costumes for clowns, theatres, Cabarets, musicals, parties and uniforms, kid's costumes, theatre costumes, hand made costumes, mascots, professional make-up, shoes, wigs, daily uniforms, elegant uniforms, night uniforms, t-shirts, shirts, shorts, trousers, caps, pull-overs, jackets, accessories, bags, backpacks, laces, pens...Magician hats , Feather Boas, Cotton gloves, Big glasses, Lace masks, Fake moustaches, multicolour lipsticks, Body gel glitter, multicolour pencils, Sequin butterfly knot, Inflatable Castle, Bolas, Trampoline...and much more.

HAVE A LOOK AT OUR CATALOGUE and contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill in the quotation form in ''get quotation'' section.

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