-Assistance and hospitality Festival Filosofia in Magna Grecia.

-Assistance and hospitality ESTOUR Greece               

-Hotel club entertainment at HOLIDAYS IN EVIA                     

-Hotel-club entertainment at ERETRIA VILLAGE

-Entertainment & show at MAXI-CLUB worldwide

-Entertainment & show at KAPPA-CLUB

-Recruitment and selection for HELIADES T.O.

-Song & literary composition.

-Musicals and new productions: Mamma mia, Cats, the Phantom of the opera, Chicago, Cabaret, Romeo & Juliette, Copacabana, Grease, Michael Jackson, Queen, Moulin Rouge, Chorus line, Fiesta Latina show, The 12 Gods, Olympic ceremony show, One clown show, World Adventure show, Oscar Ceremony show, Italian Folk dances, Italian comedy show, International comedy show, Russian folk dances, Greek folk dances, and many other performances.

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